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Bratislavský Spolok Medikov

We are an association of students on Medical Faculty CU, with a goal to support students in studies and personal growth.

Bratislava's medical student society continues in a tradition of Medical society established in 1920. It is an association of students on Faculty of Medicine at Comenius University in Bratislava with more than 300 members. The association supports medical students in their studies and personal growth.

We expand the possibilities of education through organizing different courses, workshops and lectures, aiming on personal and career development of future doctors. Moreover we encourage our students to innovative thinking and provide a good base and support for realization of their ideas.

Except our own students, we focus our activities on improvement and maintenance of public health through spreading knowledge and raising public awareness with lectures, workshops and specifically aimed projects. Everything in compliance with humanistic ideals of doctor's mission in our lives.


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Urad vlady slovenskej republiky

Realized with a financial support of the Government Office of the Slovak Republic – program The Culture of National Minorities 2013