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Kultúrne centrum Aktivity, o.z.

We are a community centre supporting local art and free-time activities in the Juh area in the city of Trenčín.

Kulturne centrum Aktivity is a non-profit organisation based in Trencin, Slovakia. We aim to create a space where people of all backgrounds can actively engage in activities they enjoy doing and which make their lives happier.
Our activities include support to amateur art bodies, integration of both mentally and physically disadvantaged, organisation of various clubs and sport activities. There are also a great number of music and language courses. We have been involved in European Voluntary Service as an accredited hosting and sending organisation since 2009, so it is not unusual to come across volunteers from all around the world trying their hands on various activities in the centre.  

We are passionate about our role of a community centre and we believe that our growing team will help to make this corner of our town a better place to live.

Join us!
Make your place even more comfortable and safe.

Urad vlady slovenskej republiky

Realized with a financial support of the Government Office of the Slovak Republic – program The Culture of National Minorities 2013