Project We are open is focused at any commercial or non-commercial space, that is interested to affiliate with the values of tolerance and multiculturalism, the space that accepts and welcomes its visitors and guests regardless of race, ethnicity, sexual, religious, language, religious or any other minority. Through that the space demonstrates that the vulnerable groups are at the right place to feel comfortable as well as it welcomes the majority representatives who share the same values.

Project We are Open wants to offer the freedom. Freedom to choose the space without prejudices, space where discrimination cannot book the table.



OSF BA advocates for obeying Human rights and principles of Democracy. We are fighting for the good governance to be good, developing philanthropy, supporting the non-governmental sector through the grant schemes, and involving civil society in problem resolving. We are focused at judiciary, inclusive education; hate violence and independent journalism. OSF BA wants to cooperate with individuals and organizations interested in society they live in.


Minorma – A cultural institute of national and ethnic minorities represents minorities in Slovakia, their cultural, economic, civic and legal rights and interests with the focus being on Hungarian minority.

Institute Minorma highlights the fact that if the cultural heritage and identity of minorities is to be preserved, we have to support the contemporary culture in the first place. We are fond of our traditions, we know our past, but we live in the present and it is only the growth of the present culture and values which can give us self-esteem and elevate us in the eyes of others.

Join us!
Make your place even more comfortable and safe.

Urad vlady slovenskej republiky

Realized with a financial support of the Government Office of the Slovak Republic – program The Culture of National Minorities 2013